Table Tracker For Fast-Casual Restaurants

Deliver Food Faster.

Streamline operations and improve customer satisfaction with Table Tracker. Advanced technology follows and reports on the entire service cycle โ€“ from ordering, seating, food delivery, to table clearing.ย  Real-time data displays order status and table locations for faster table-side service and a noticeably improved customer experience.

Benefits include:

  • Greater staff collaboration
  • Improved speed of service
  • Measurable efficiencies in operations
  • Enhanced dining experience
What Is Table Tracker?

Table Tracker is an advanced table location technology that is designed to speed up food delivery in fast-casual restaurants and elevate the guest experience. Food runners simply check a prominently displayed Table Tracker computer screen, immediately locate the order and the corresponding table on the provided map, and deliver food quickly. Diners get their fresh, hot food faster; and, food runners no longer have to wander around the restaurant looking for table tent numbers.

The system includes a touch-screen PC monitor, receiver, Table Tracker devices, Starter/Clearing Units, a To-Go Unit and a map of the restaurant to help food runners find tables.

The Table Tracker device, is smaller than a CD and less than a half-inch thick. Once placed on the table, the device detects the table number and then sends information to the kitchen display. There’s nothing on the table taking up premium table space. Table Tracker ensures tables are turned faster and orders are delivered promptly with as few food runners as possible.

How Does Table Tracker Work?

1) Your guest places an order and the cashier gives them a Table Tracker with an assigned order number. A timer is started for that order.

2) Your guest selects a seat and places the Table Tracker on their table. The device reads the table number and sends that information to the touch-screen PC in the expeditor area.

3) When the order is ready, the runner checks the screen to find the table in which the food needs to be delivered. Runners no longer have to hunt for the correct table and your guests receive their food hot and fast.

4) The order is quickly delivered to the customer with no unnecessary wandering. The runner returns the Table Tracker to the Clearing Unit which deletes the order from the touch-screen PC and stops the timer.

Features At A Glance:

  • Manager is instantly notified on late orders
  • Long Battery Life — Table Trackers last up to 3 days on a single charge
  • Nothing on table tops*
  • Easy-to-read, color-coded touch-screen display
  • To-Go unit — speeds up delivery of takeout orders
  • Buser Unit — get an insight into the time it takes to clean tables
  • Portable Clearing Unit — Clear orders as soon as they’re delivered
  • 4-Point reporting shows
    • Order Time
    • Seat Time
    • Delivery Time
    • Close/Cancel Time
  • Fast system installation completed during closed hours
  • Easy implementation with minimal training required
  • 24/7 customer support

Late Order Notification

Table Tracker gives order status visibility to everyone in the kitchen — if an order is delayed, it becomes highlighted in yellow and eventually red, as more time passes. When an order turns red, a manager is automatically notified. This feature gives managers who might be focused on other important tasks an opportunity to influence the customer experience — giving them added peace of mind by knowing they’ll be instantly notified if there’s a problem with a slow order.

Speed of Service

When you’re busy, delivering food to the table on time and at the right temperature is key to getting repeat business. Table Tracker gives your restaurant a distinct competitive advantage. With all other things being equal, guests want good food delivered on time. With Table Tracker, you can achieve faster table turns, improving the overall customer experience — and ultimately increase profits.

Escalation Notification

The system can be programmed to notify a manager if the device is not returned within a reasonable time frame. This gives your managers a chance to speak with a customer who might be unsatisfied with the speed of service to let them know their order will be out soon.


Table Tracker doesn’t just help speed up food delivery, it also provides real-time reporting that tracks performance and helps you identify areas of improvement. Table Tracker collects turn-time data and the number of times a manager is paged so you can address problems before they hurt your business.

Reduced Labor Costs

With reporting, managers can see tangible data indicating peak and slow times when they need to increase or decrease staff. This can significantly lower labor costs without sacrificing customer service. Table Tracker also makes your labor more efficient — decreasing your labor requirements even more.

*In some cases, such as metal tables on patios, a flat black mat must be placed on top of the table.


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