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  • Alphanumeric Coaster Call

    Alphanumeric Coaster Pagers – Coaster Call™

    The First. The Best. In 1993, LRS invented the first stacking coaster pager that started the guest paging revolution. With its patented charging system, LRS coaster pagers can be charged in any direction insuring a consistent and reliable charge every time.

    With our 16 years of experience, LRS continues to redefine the paging industry with customer-driven features. With our shock absorbing bumper and Lexan case, LRS now boasts that our coaster pager is the most durable guest pager in the industry. In addition, LRS has now included alphanumeric messaging with our Alphacoaster pager.

  • Alpha Pager with Cradle

    Alphanumeric Pager

    Our alphanumeric pager is absolutely the easiest to use, full-messaging on-premise pager on the market. Until now, the complexity of the standard alphanumeric pager has been overwhelming and not user-friendly. Our alphanumeric pager has simplified menus and only gives you the on-site features you need like auto on/off and deleting messages. It boasts advanced features like group paging, wireless programmability and out-of-range indication. This is truly the first alphanumeric pager designed for the on-premise market.

    Our alphanumeric pager is compatible with the Freedom Transmitter, NetPage Unlimited, Butler XP Push Button Alert System and our T7470-C232 Transmitters.

  • DSC_0126

    Butler XP Paging System

    Contact anyone, anywhere on-site with this powerful, weatherproof paging system

    The ability to contact someone on-site instantly is vital in any industry. With the powerful Butler XP paging system, you can do it easily. Just press the button and it immediately sends a silent page to anyone in your building wearing an LRS alphanumeric pager. With its powerful range, it will reach them no matter where they are.

    The Butler XP is perfect for every kind of business. It’s 100% weatherproof and made of heavy-duty lexan plastic so it can be used anywhere — indoors or outdoors. Customers can use it to contact staff members when they need help or service. Staff members can use it to contact each other when they need assistance.

    Warehouses. Restaurants. Bowling centers. Blood Donation Centers. Car Washes. Marinas. Even beaches and pools. The uses for the Butler XP are endless. It helps enhance customer satisfaction, improve service, boost staff efficiency, increase sales and lower operation costs.

  • T7470 Paging Transmitter

    Cell Phone Paging Transmitter – T7470 Freedom

    The new T7470 Freedom transmitter replaces our T7460 model. It’s designed to provide organizations and guests with more freedom when managing wait times. The distinctive function of the Freedom transmitter is its ability to contact guests via text messaging, phone messaging or LRS pager. You now have the freedom to do what ‘s best for you and your customers.

  • Coaster Charger

    Coaster Pager Charger

    The patented design of the CHARGER 8 allows you to place the coasters on to the stack in any direction. Charging is accomplished through nickel-plated charging pins located in each of the four corners. Each CHARGER 8 has two jacks for cascading multiple chargers together using the 6″ jumper wire included. The best thing about cascading chargers is that only one outlet is required.

  • LRS Guest Pager Systems

    Coaster Pagers – Coaster Call™

    LRS invented the first stacking coaster pager that started the guest paging revolution. With its patented charging system, LRS coaster pagers can be charged in any direction ensuring a consistent and reliable charge every time.

    With our 20 years of experience focus, and innovation, LRS continues to redefine the onsite paging industry with customer-driven features. With our shock absorbing bumper and Lexan case, LRS now boasts that our coaster pager is the most durable guest pager in the industry. In addition, LRS pioneered the first anti-theft, auto-locate and tracking features to reduce loss to an absolute minimum.

  • Custom Label

    Custom Labels

    We offer custom labels for the Coaster Call and custom inserts for the Adverteaser paddle pager. Promote specials, advertise new products, or simply customize the pagers with your company logo.

  • Aqua Pager

    Discontinued: Aqua Pager. Try the NEW SafeTouch Pager

    Check out our New SafeTouch Pager.

    Swift, Hygienic Notification. Notify guests, patients or customers instantly with the device that revolutionized the guest communication process. LRS invented the water-resistant, antimicrobial wireless pagers to help streamline operations and optimize the guest experience, without the fear of unsanitary or damaged equipment. Increase your bottom line and develop loyalty with the unique and convenient Aqua Pager.

    Originally designed to optimize beach and poolside service, the Aqua Pager has also been proven successful in healthcare, restaurants, casinos and more.

  • Coaster Lite - Push for Service

    Discontinued: Push for Service – Coaster Lite

    Check out the Pronto wireless transmitter as an alternate push-for-service solution.

    The Coaster Lite™ by Long Range Systems will increase your PPA instantly! It is a low-cost, rechargeable coaster for dinner theaters and comedy clubs. When your guests need service, they push the button illuminating the coaster. Your wait staff sees the glowing coaster and assists the guest with minimal interruption to the show. Unlike coaster pagers, the Coaster Lite does not flash so it won’t interrupt a show.

  • Rechargeable Alpa Pager

    Discontinued: Rechargeable Alphanumeric Pager

    The Alphanumeric Pager is the replacement for the SP5.

    The SP5 was our very first rechargeable Alphanumeric pager. Durable and reliable, it’s powered by a NiHM battery and features an easy-to-read twenty-character, single-line lighted display. The display is scrollable so messages as long as 255 characters can be sent.

    With the addition of the SP5, you now have three pagers you can use with our line of wireless server paging systems. LRS server paging systems work like this: When a server comes in for their shift, they take a pager and that pager number becomes their server number. When an order is ready, the chef simply presses one or two buttons on the LRS transmitter to instantly page the server.

    LRS server pagers keep customers happier because they receive faster service. Plus, it improves server performance so restaurants get faster table turns and higher check averages.

    Our rechargeable alphanumeric pager is also compatible with the T7470 Freedom Transmitter, NetPage Unlimited, Butler XP, and Pronto as well as our staff paging transmitters.

  • SafeTouch

    Discontinued: SafeTouch Pager

    See the Adverteaser pager as a replacement. The Safe Touch pager has been discontinued

    Safe, Speedy Guest Notification.

    Notify guests, patients or customers instantly with the SafeTouch pager. This ANTIMICROBIAL wireless pager will help streamline operations and optimize the guest experience by preventing the passage of germs.

    SafeTouch pagers are ideal for any environment where simple and instant notification is needed. Ideal industries would include: healthcare, restaurants, casinos, churches, and more.

    Use SafeTouch to:
    • Notify Guests Faster
    • Increase Response Rates
    • Eliminate Overhead Paging
    • Maximize Your Marketing Potential
    • Minimize Number of Transmitted Germs

  • USB Keyboard

    Discontinued: USB Keyboard

    The USB keyboard has been discontinued with no replacement at this time.

    Our USB keyboard makes data entry quick and easy. Ideal for sending free-form text messages or entering guests onto waitlists, the USB keyboard adds speed and efficiency to you operation. The USB Keyboard works with the following transmitters:

    • Freedom Transmitter (T7460)

  • Door Sensor Kit

    Door Sensor Kit

    The door sensor kit allows the T7470 Freedom transmitter or Butler II pushbutton transmitter to monitor any entrance, exit, door or window.

    • Ideal for silently monitoring any door
    • Provides instant notification via pager when a door has been opened
    • Easy and simple installation
    • Dimensions: 2.5″ x 0.5″ x 0.5″

  • Doorbell Kit

    Doorbell Kit – Butler II

    The doorbell kit transforms any Butler II or TX-7470 Freedom transmitter into a wireless doorbell which upon being pressed sends a notification to an alphanumeric pager.

    • Alleviates having to listen for a doorbell
    • Ideal for noisy environments
    • Gives freedom to be out of earshot from a traditional doorbell
    • A discreet notification option where sound is a concern

  • 7-Ft. Antenna

    Extended Range Antenna – 7FT.

    Certain systems require extra signal strength. In most cases, the seven foot extended range antenna provides twice the range our transmitting products normally provide. Keep in mind that range can vary greatly from location to location.

    • Can be mounted indoors or outdoors
    • Slim design allows unobtrusive installation
    • Slim profile allows it to be mounted virtually anywhere
    • Easy to install
    • Mounting hardware included
    • Dimensions: 2″ (W) x 84″ (L)

  • Black Alpha Coaster - Dock

    Forklift Pager

    The forklift pager improves communication and productivity in your warehouse or distribution facility.

    This simple messaging system quickly delivers a message to the forklift driver. The 24V device is usually mounted to the overhead guard post on the forklift, and it flashes when a message is received. Messages can direct the driver to go to a different location, move something, contact the front office or give other directions. Once the message is received, the driver can clear the device with a push of a button. With Forklift Paging, you can:

    • Provide instant, clear notification to drivers
    • Direct drivers to complete a task with minimal effort
    • Ensure messages are received in a loud environment